Human Resource Administration (Goals and directions

HYUNDAI PARTECS maximizes the human and organization competence with reasonable and fair compensation based on
a competence- and achievement-oriented administration of performance.

Career Advancement/Promotions

Promotions are decided reasonably from the pool of candidates that can cope with the role of a senior position, based on the principles of fairness, objectivity, merit and equal opportunity.

Position/Title System

Associate (4 years) –> Assistant Manager –> Manager –> Senior Manager –> Director

Employee Competence and Performance Evaluation Policies

The Employee Evaluation is openly and publicly carried out based on the competence and performance of employees.
The results of the evaluation are applied to all personnel management criteria, including compensation, promotions and career development.

Achievements:Key Performance Indicators (KPI) + Skills:Common/Professional Competencies –> Evaluation –> Career Development, Career Advancement, Compensation

Compensation Package

Compensation Package : Category, Annual Salary, Monthly Salary, Notes
Category Annual Salary Monthly Salary Notes
Applicable To Assistant manager and above Level 4 and lower office positions and
administrative personnel
Composition Basic annual salary +
Performance-based annual salary + Others
Basic salary + Allowance
Calculation Method Individual annual compensation package
(commensurate with appraisal)
Salary class table
Attendance From 21st of previous month to 20th of current month
25th of each month (Day 1 to last day: 5-day advance pay)
Year-end bonus /
Performance-based benefits
Payment according to company's standards
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  • Business Summary
  • Recruit
  • CSR