An automotive body assembly line capable of producing moving parts for various vehicles

Our automotive body assembly line is a specialized automotive
body assembly line (automated, manual) made up of hemming
presses and robots.
It manufactures moving parts and front fenders etc.,
and has an annual production capacity of 1 million parts.
It may also produce various parts for a wide range of vehicle models
with its specialized jig and hemming presses that are interchangeable to
cater to the needs of multiple vehicle models.

Key Products

Discontinued A/S parts such as door, hood, trunk, and lid etc.

  • Automated line
    Operated by 4 robots on an automated
    line for sealant, hemming and welding
    processes, giving faster production rate
    and serving as a multi-line for multiple
    vehicle models.
  • Manual line
    Made up of 2 robots, a small order
    production line that uses the hemming
    production method based on manual
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