An advanced automotive painting line that is fully automated

Our automotive painting line is an electroplating automotive painting line
that uses the conveyor belt method with multi-stackable hangers
(grid type). It has an annual production capacity of 1.3 million articles.
Also, it is an advanced automotive painting line where all processes
including pre-cleaning such as hot water rinse, degreasing, and washing
etc., electroplating coating, drying and wastewater treatment are fully

Key Products

Discontinued A/S parts such as door, hood, trunk, lid, fender, and roof etc.

  • Loading
    A process where thorough inspection
    is conducted on all products that have
    undergone automotive body and
    stamping press processes, and only
    products which have passed these
    checks get transferred to the
    automated line.
  • Electroplating
    Products are painted using
  • Unloading
    Only products that have passed quality
    checks for appearance and film
    thickness etc. are released for delivery.
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