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Hyundai Motor Group's Management Philosophy

Happiness of humankind through differentiated motor vehicles

Leading the automotive culture, we will continue contributing to the happiness of humankind and the sustainable society through various eco-friendly economic activities and
community services.

Core Values of CSR

  • We will make our best efforts to practice eco-friendly economic activities and to preserve the environment.
  • We will make our best efforts to fulfill our social responsibility based on the spirit of the corporate citizen.
  • We will make our best efforts to build a sustainable society with our civil society.
  • We will make our best efforts to create social values oriented toward the respect for and happiness of humankind.
  • We will make our best efforts to respond to such social needs from all over the world quickly.

CSR Slogan

The slogan, ‘Moving the World Together’, captures the aspirations of the Hyundai Motor Group for its corporate social responsibility activities and programs and has the following implications

Moving The World Together

  • Expressing Hyundai Motor Group’s continued
    commitment to sustainable, positive change and innovation that also reflects the Group’s characteristics as a leading automotive manufacturer
  • Globalizing the CSR
    philosophy and programs of Hyundai Motor Group
  • Emphasizing the need to build and extend partnerships in harmony with the society at large as an active corporate citizen of the world

CSR Symbol

Moving The World Together

The circle shaped by the arms of the two human figures signifies the wheel and globe that makes Hyundai Motor Group move. In addition, it emphasizes the Group's commitment to returning society's trust back to the society just like a rotating circle.

The two human figures walking side by side symbolize the Group's commitment to the co-existence with nature and diverse sectors of the society. That is, Hyundai Motor Group would not be satisfied with the current activities but will reach out to those still in need.

The blue color mirrors the image of the future for Hyundai Motor Group, where the Group's CSR activities will create a brighter tomorrow for all of us.

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