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Dear Customers, I am SEO MOON SEOG, the Chairman of HYUNDAI PARTECS

A specialist in the production of servicing parts for Hyundai Motor Group's line-up of automobiles, HYUNDAI PARTECS was founded with the vision to create ‘innovation for customers.’

Many of the best automakers in the world have separate production operations for finished automobiles and servicing parts, enabling them to achieve customer satisfaction with the operation of a company specializing in parts.

HYUNDAI PARTECS' integrated specialized production line has various economical and time-saving synergistic effects, thus realizing innovations, increasing productivity and establishing a high quality line.

Our foundation for a stable supply of repair parts quickly answers customer's various needs during the entire lifespan of the vehicle, thus keeping Hyundai cars competitive in the market and maximizing customer satisfaction.

We will continue to emerge as a company with a new corporate culture with an environmentally-friendly production facility and a harmonious relationship between labor and management.

HYUNDAI PARTECS promises you to become the global leader specializing in servicing parts, manufacturing the highest quality parts.


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