A press line that is capable of producing various parts for a wide range of vehicle models

Our press line is a large-scale press line with an annual production
capacity of 2.5 million SHOT. It consists of automated installations such
as large-scale presses and robots etc., and is capable of producing
moving parts and front fenders etc. Also, it is compatible with different
presses and is thus able to produce various parts for a wide range of
vehicle models. The adapter plate and bolster plate are interchangeable
to cater to the needs of multiple vehicle models.

Key Products

Discontinued A/S parts such as door, hood, trunk, lid, fender, roof, side, and outer etc.

  • Module Line
    Made up of 5400 tons per module line,
    and produces new vehicle press
    T/O and overseas factory A/S parts.
  • Tandem Line
    Made up of 3 tandem lines: 1500 tons,
    2400 tons and 1200 tons, and produces
    cover panel/moving parts, inner/floor
    type A/S parts.
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